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Shaping Women Leaders

Who this is for

  • Females getting ready to take up senior leadership roles
  • Females who want to learn strategies that increase their power in the corporate world
  • Females rejoining the workforce at senior positions


  • To empower women become more powerful and confident in their professional role
  • Enabling behaviour of leaders to handle teams, answer to their seniors as required
  • Using maximum nonverbal strategies and becoming aware of which ones can be tweaked

Why this workshop

We will be discussing ways in which women can appear naturally confident when they get ready to join at a managerial level which requires not only technical skills but also people management skills and responsibility for leading teams. There are lots of traits which are natural strengths for women. We would be discussing all those which fall under the umbrella of nonverbal communication and equip women to become leaders impactfully by harnessing this tool. It is not our aim to conduct a motivational talk or discuss discrepancies due to gender differences.


Since the group size will be limited to not more than 10-12 participants, each one will get a chance to play a specific situation in a role play. Post the role play, the discussion would be around the situation as well as the nonverbals which were used by the volunteers and how these could have been changed if required. Feedback is also given on what works for each of them, again specific to the activity in which they participate.

Topics covered

  • Communicating the image of a total professional
  • How to overcome the Indian Display rules for women
  • How to vary dominance as per situation
  • Becoming emotionally intelligent to handle one’s stress
  • Strategies for getting your ideas heard in meetings
  • Leading teams tactfully using the correct nonverbal strategies
  • Effectively Handling Confrontation, Conflict and Other Uncomfortable Situations
  • Powerful skills to present confidently
  • Analyses of successful business leaders


Gone are days when raising voice would make your team do things. In today’s time it is important to arm oneself with tools that could manifest ideas and thoughts assertively. 
Shaping Women Leaders made me familiar with non verbal gestures like movements during presentations, body postures , style of sitting, dressing style that would make the presence felt without making noise. It also taught me the importance of deep listening beyond words by observing expressions of others from head to toe.

Shuchi Rakheja



About the Trainer: Khyati Bhatt

Khyati Bhatt is the Founder and CEO of the company, Simply Body Talk. She has been trained for mastery in nonverbal communication with Ex FBI special agent Joe Navarro. She is a certified expert in reading micro expressions by Paul Ekman. Khyati’s work has been featured in various media like Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, The Week, FirstPost etc. She has won national and international awards in recognition of her subject expertise as well as business excellence. Simply Body Talk conducts open format events with the niche in nonverbal communication in various parts of India and Europe. Our clientele includes business leaders from corporates like Panasonic, Adani Group, Essar Group, MaxLife, BSE etc.

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About the Author:

Meghna is the Operations Executive at Simply Body Talk. All co ordination of our online classes, website and workshops is handled by her.

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