By June 21, 2018

Sharpening Negotiation Skills – Jan’19 – Mumbai

Objective: We aim to equip negotiators with the crucial skill set of negotiating with the correct nonverbals and understanding counterpart’s intentions by reading their body signals in real time.

Who this is for: Executives who negotiate on behalf of their companies, be it for bank loans, client deals, vendor agreements etc. M&A specialists 

Brief outline about the workshop:
  • Sales and negotiations – the difference
  • A bit about negotiation techniques
  • Personalities of negotiators
  • Evaluating personal style of negotiation
  • Learning the technique of introspection to comprehend your style
  • Tweaking nonverbal as per situation
  • Understanding the influencer and decision maker
  • Gauging intentions of your counterpart
  • Reading your counterpart in real time
  • Dealing with difficult issues
  • Controlling Your Emotions
  • Nonverbals of Venue

Note: This is not a basic beginners workshop on doing negotiations in the right manner. We will be assuming you are already negotiating for yourself / organisation. Objective of the workshop will be to equip you with fresh eyes to understand your counterpart deeper and use the right strategies to deal with the situation by maximising nonverbal communication. Pre workshop notes will be provided to refresh you with terminology used in the workshop.

Technique: Since this is an advanced level workshop, role plays will be widely used for discussion. As always, we will use video clips for discussion of subject.



  • Discount vouchers worth Rs. 1800/- will be given to all participants
  • Certificate of participation to attendees
  • Tea and snacks will be provided by us


  • Dual Deal: Booking on 2 or more tickets will get 20% dual deal discount
  • Student deal: Student of current year can show their IDs and avail discount of 30%

About the Trainer:

Khyati Bhatt is the Founder and CEO of the company, Simply Body Talk.She has been trained for mastery in nonverbal communication with Ex FBI special agent Joe Navarro. She is a certified expert in reading micro expressions by Paul Ekman. Khyati’s work has been featured in various media like Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, The Week, FirstPost etc. She has won national and international awards in recognition of her subject expertise as well as business excellence. Simply BodyTalk conducts open format events with the niche in nonverbal communication in various parts of India and Europe. Our clientele includes business leaders from corporates like Panasonic, Adani Group, Essar Group, MaxLife, BSE etc.


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About the Author:

Meghna is the Operations Executive at Simply Body Talk. All co ordination of our online classes, website and workshops is handled by her.

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