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Sensual and Appealing – Ad campaign by Tanishq

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It is at few occasions when hoarding ads are so breath-taking that they possibly become a danger to road safety. One can say this of Tanishq, the fashion jewellery brand from the house of Tatas, which has recently launched an awe inspiring range of jewellery in collaboration with designer Farah Ali Khan. Besides the jewellery being elegant and feminine, what made me stop short was its bang on detailing of the model’s body language. Kudos goes to the creative team of the ad campaign for having produced results which can challenge the finest ads in recent times.

Each individual ad appears to be designed to appeal to the sensual side of a female, but I think the campaign gets more ambitious just there. The absolute focus on the designs has been achieved with such conviction as would make any man stop and think about getting one for his lady love. Here are a list of specific body language poising that have been used to bring out this effect beautifully

  1. The model‘s face has been tilted slightly downwards, with the eyes looking up. It is a variant of the “innocent” look, which has an instant appeal because of its association with childlike purity and innocence. One might remember how Princess Diana used this look, along with a smile on her face, to win the hearts of millions.
  1. The Armpits exposed pose emits strong sexual signals. According to Desmond Morris, the armpit secretions cannot be consciously detected by the human nose, but they appear to act at an unconscious level, leaving us feeling stimulated but not knowing quite why. That is the reason models posing with exposed armpits are known to evoke sensual stimulations in humans.
  1. The length of a female’s neck has often been associated with beauty; the longer the neck, the more attractive she looks. By avoiding clothing the model in fancy apparel, the ad helps to avoid distracting the viewers with the clothes rather than the jewellery. This in turn also helps to highlight the length of the model’s neck.
  1. Bare shoulders, particularly if they are raised like in one of the ad shots, highlights the roundness of the female, drawing attention to her feminity. If you remember the famous pose of Merlyn Monroe, you will without doubt recall how she looks over her bare shoulder. This, in addition to her red flying dress and red pouted lips caused the epitome of sensuality etched in all of our brains, which is perhaps difficult for present day beauties to replace. In contrast, historically females looking to compete with males and assert themselves in the workplace looked to adopt artificially broadened shoulders in their 1 
  1. Wrist display of the model has been used by the photographer is more than one pictures. The wrist area, according to Allan Pease, has long been considered one of the highly erotic areas of the female body because it is one of the more delicate skin areas. Even during relationships, it is easy to spot females expose this area of their body away from its natural spot and out towards their face when in company of a counterpart they find attractive.

    Tanishq Farah Khan collection
  1. The “Pouted lips”, slightly parted, makes the female’s lips appear larger. It highlights what differentiates her from males, making her appear attractive to the opposite gender. This is mainly because the male’s facial bone structure broadens with maturity, whereas the female’s face remains more or less unchanged with maturity, appearing fuller and rounder, particularly the lips.
  1. The minimalistic nature of makeup ensures the focus is maintained on jewellery. The prominent forehead, the short finger nails, the neat hairstyle all help to draw attention away from the model herself. If there is one part of the face that the makeup is highlighting, it is the model’s eyebrows. The effect given is that of increasing the distance between the eyelids and the brows, which helps to increase the appeal of the model. 
  1. Self touching, as is seen in one of the shots where the model is hugging her bare shoulder, is a gesture shown by females trying to attract a male. The body displays what the mind wants, and in a lot of sensual pictures, the females are shown in self touching postures. Here it helps to highlight the attractiveness of the model in the ad.
  1. Dilated pupils make the face look more attractive, as has been proven in one study after another. If we feel we like someone, it is mainly because, looking into their eyes, which would have dilated pupils if the person is reciprocating the feeling, sends an unconscious signal to the brain that the person likes you as well. Thus dilating a model’s pupils is a trick employed in post production to enhance the looks of the model, making the audience feel like she is looking directly at them and liking what she 5

In addition to these body postures used by the model, the play of light rays in different sections of every photo is used effectively, along with a minimalistic background, once again to ensure focus is maintained on the product.

All said, the ads of this campaign promise to make every woman want to be the lady in the poster, increasing her purchasing power for the jewellery. Every man would want his lady to look as appealing, which automatically increases the target audience for Tanishq. 

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