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Sales Connect – 1st Jun’19 – Hyderabad



A full day workshop which aims at helping the sales teams to maximise nonverbal strategies for conversions.


  • To improve Sales team – client relationship
  • To ensure one learns to read body signals in real time
  • To maximise conversion ratio


By the end of the program, each participant will be able to

  • Put the best foot forward during all client interactions
  • Get an understanding of our basic response system
  • Communicate with more impact with the client
  • Figure out in real time what the client is thinking, feeling or intending to do
  • Employ good nonverbal strategies during networking, sales, presentations etc.
  • Use tactics both in real time and once interactions are completed.

Testimony from our previous workshop Participant

Attending the workshop by SBT was an amazing experience. Right from the onset, the SBT team lead by Ms Khyati ensured that the entire group was thoroughly involved. The examples were very relatable and observations were from our day-to-day life. I got to learn and understand the various nuances of Body Language and First impression. The activities that followed the theories were designed to polish those newly acquired skills. Overall, it is a great learning experience and highly recommend, especially for professionals in client facing role.

Shubhanshu Tiwari

Country Manager, Vedanta Resources


Since it is a full day workshop, there would be pre and post workshop assessment which would help participants understand the different in accuracy of reading correct body language of their clients. Discussions during the role plays, especially by participants from various fields of sales helps participants understand how to tackle the same situation in different ways. Our inputs on body language help participants become aware of those aspects of their delivery style which they might not have identified as yet in themselves or as team players. Activities are given to participants to take back home to reflect practically on learnings of the day.



  • Workshop pre assessment
  • Introspection of selling technique
  • Universe of nonverbal communication
  • Making the best of first impressions
  • Logic behind dressing nonverbals
  • Interactive quiz


  • Introduction to body language
  • Using hand illustrators in a sales pitch
  • Projecting the right confidence
  • Active listening body language techniques


  • Pitching over the phone
  • Strategies for sales meetings
  • Understanding the client using our CUE CONNECT model
  • Recognising emotions
  • Common ways clients behave during sales


  • Building rapport with client
  • Understanding the influencer
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Detecting client’s discomfort
  • Introspection of own stress signals
  • Knowing when to stop
  • How to bring change in one’s body language
  • Busting myths
  • Final wrap up

For further details, you can request for the brochure by writing to [email protected] or call us on

022 67208017.

MethodologyAs always, our workshop will begin with a pre assessment questionnaire filled by the participants to understand their current knowledge on the topic. Each topic will be discussed with video clips and relevant pictures, as well as case studies. Role plays helps us take up different scenarios and understand practical implications of the theory discussed, on the spot.

Giveaways: Relevant content toolkit worth Rs. 3000/- will be given away to all the participants. And we will be giving out discount vouchers worth Rs. 3000/- as well. Certification of participation would be given to all attendees. Lunch, tea and snacks would be provided.

Date: 1st Jun ’19

Time: 9 am to 5 pm.

Venue: Hyderabad

Fees: Rs.2990/- Plus Taxes

  • Tickets Booked before 1st May’19 will get early bird discount of 10%
  • Dual Deal: Booking on 2 or more tickets will get 20% dual deal discount
  • Student deal: Student of current year can show their IDs and avail discount of 30%


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