Our Clients

Full day workshop for National Heads of Panasonic on removing biases during interviews by focusing on body language.

2 day workshop conducted for team managers at Adani Enterprises Pvt Ltd on handling teams more effectively using nonverbal communication

Two day workshop for Defense and Chairman teams at Adani on closing sales and negotiations better by using nonverbal intelligence.


Session for counselors and marketing managers of BSE Institute Ltd. on relevance of body language in their work profile.


Full day workshop conducted for HR managers to understand how nonverbal communication can impact their interactions with employees in difficult situations at Essar house Mumbai.


Body language session for insurance advisers of Max Life Insurance on understanding sale closures better.



Two day workshop for Adani Group titled Unspoken Principles of Human Interaction aimed at understanding the importance of nonverbal communication in the workplace.


Workshop on cultural intelligence as a part of the  Adani-Elbit Advanced Systems India Ltd  Induction Program.



Series of closed sessions for BNI power team


BodyLanguage Accuracy In Print Ads session At Zero Gravity, Ahmedabad