By February 14, 2018

Workplace communication for teams



Who this is for

  • Client facing employees
  • Negotiators
  • Sales team members
  • Presenters


  • To increase confidence of employees in the workplace
  • To inculcate correct behavior in office
  • To help teams function impactfuly by employing the right nonverbal strategies

Program outline

  • Science of First Impressions
  • Body language in the workplace – what this means
  • Handling Emotions
  • Concept of personal space
  • Deciphering colleagues
  • Bonding within teams
  • Rapport building tactics
  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Tackling typical office scenarios with nonverbal strategies
  • Lessons from business leaders
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About the Author:

Meghna is the Operations Executive at Simply Body Talk. All co ordination of our online classes, website and workshops is handled by her.

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