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Nonverbal Intelligence in the Workplace – Kick-Off Training Workshop



Everyone can speak, new apps get launched everyday, yet polls still point communication a major corporate issue! Learn why and start reading non-verbals and use yours to become truly convincing.

• Helping the support teams to unravel how important it is to understand their interactions with internal customers, colleagues and leaders
• Improve productivity through clear communication and in turn further career prospects
• To help participants be in command of their nonverbal communication so that communication through verbal and non-verbal channels is thoroughly integrated

Who this is for:
• Work colleagues who work on the same floor, but not necessarily in client facing roles
• Team members so they can bond better by understanding nonverbal concepts

Program content:

Section 1

  • Pre-assessment
  • Scope of nonverbal communication
  • Managing first impressions
    • Reading into first impressions

Section 2
• Introduction to body language
• Applications in the workplace
• Different body signals and what they mean
• When words don’t match actions

Lunch break

Section 3
• Confident displays
• Understanding stress
• Emotions in the workspace

Section 4
• Basic concepts of nonverbal communication for the office environment
• Participating in team meetings
• Becoming a good observer’

  • Final wrap up & post-assessement


Simply Body Talk was established in Mumbai in 2013 by the Founder and CEO Ms. Khyati Bhatt, with an intent of making reachable a highly practical subject, and yet so sparsely known: nonverbal communication. Khyati trained with retired FBI special agent Joe Navarro, a worldwide expert, for mastery in this subject. She is also a certified expert in reading micro and mini expressions by Paul Ekman. Khyati has prior experience of working in the corporate world as a portfolio manager and current trader with a multinational company and also being a family entrepreneur in retail where she had firsthand experience of sales.


– We will contact booked participants ahead of the event to confirm lunch preferences and restrictions

– Every participant will be requested to fill up an on-line questionnaire in order to better target needs

– Please bring your notebook, several pens and wear comfortable shoes; dress code is free

– The workshop will be presented and animated in English

– There will be handouts for each participant at the end of the day

– Purchased tickets can be cancelled and refunded up to 7 days prior the event

– For all inquiries, please write to [email protected]


About the coming:

Tucked away between Ixelles and Etterbeek, Rodin’s counter on the historic Rodin Pavilion that since September 2017 is home to a daytime restaurant. Comptoir Rodin is the ideal place to meet with colleagues over lunch, to work in a meeting room designed for the purpose.


Thank you very much for choosing Simply Body Talk and Cédric Moulin.

The content of this training workshop is protected by copyright laws and shared with you for the sole purpose of your own personal development and performance improvement. Photos may be taken during the event for communication and/or training purposes. If you do not want to appear on them, please clearly notify the staff upon your arrival. It’s ok.

We hope you enjoy our program and go back home inspired and ready to start practicing and applying your new findings. Learning takes time. This is not a “get rich quick” program.

Every participant and staff member of this event deserves respect, empathy and confidentiality. Diverse backgrounds are welcome. You don’t need any sort of diploma to attend this workshop. It may just help if you are interested in others. In order to make sure everyone fully enjoys the program, we ask phones to be set on plane or silent mode outside of breaks.

Our training premises are rented for you and will need to be left in perfect condition. Thanks in advance for your kind consideration. We reserve the right to ask anyone whose behaviour proves inappropriate or disrespectful to leave the premises but thankfully this never happened before. We are so grateful.

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About the Author:

Meghna is the Operations Executive at Simply Body Talk. All co ordination of our online classes, website and workshops is handled by her.

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