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Amazing Mirroring Display – Freida Pinto and Nargis Fakhri on Koffee with Karan


When I switched on the Koffee with Karan featuring Frieda Pinto and Nargis Fakri, which had been widely publicized as too “hot and steamy” to appear in prime time, I was looking to study preening signals of the two ladies. What I saw on display in the entire interview was such an amazing rapport and mirroring that it could not have been missed even by an untrained eye. Here are a few snapshots to show how two people who find comfort in each other’s presence might unconsciously copy gestures (called mirroring).

You begin to see mirroring emerge as early as five to seven minutes after the two actresses meet on this talk show for the first time ever. Karan has invited them together since they are crossover heroines (one being of Indian origin and working internationally and the other having travelled internationally and finally landing up in India). He believes they would have a lot of experiences in common. He is right and they are themselves amazed at their similarities. Once they identify with one another, their bodies start finding congruency during the conversation. 

mirroring - 1

Notice how both the actresses have crossed one leg over the other in the same way and direction, have one hand resting on another similarly and heads are also tilting roughly in the same angular position. See if you can spot such mirroring poses in the rest of the pictures.

mirroring - 2   mirroring - 3   mirroring - 4   mirroring - 5   mirroring - 6   mirroring - 7

Here they just flicked back their hair one after the other.

mirroring - 8   mirroring - 9   mirroring - 10   mirroring - 11

In this last shot, both the actresses are shrugging their shoulders almost simultaneously. This might not be very evident in a still picture.

There are lots of other instances in the interview where you can see the two guests mirror each other consciously as well. In the instances wherein the above snapshots are taken, they are unaware of how much they are copying almost exactly what the other person is gesturing.

Mirroring is in fact a very effective strategy that one can use even consciously if one is wanting to build rapport with another person. It helps make the opposite person become less defensive towards you in case there is conflict of opinion. Salespersons, interviewees, negotiators, HR managers, and a lot more people can use this technique. Learn the art of mirroring and several other nonverbal strategies by opting for our personal coaching services.

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