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Media Coverage

17 May 2018:  Scoopearth : The niche subject of Non-verbal communication taken to new heights by this passionate founder

7 June 2018: Raise My Start up : Jury for the event  “Startup Manthan” on 7th July’

16 March 2018:S P Jain School Of Global Management:Hearing from SPJ  SUPERWOMEN – Khyati Bhatt

20 January 2017: AspiringShe: Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India – Khyati Vikani Bhatt, Wonderful person with strong Self -confidence.

25 July 2017 : Great Companies: Khyati Bhatt discusses her journey in her interview with Great Companies.


In this episode, Ms. Nishat Mukkadam, founder & CEO of Wedlista, talks to Ms. Khyati Bhatt, Founder & CEO of Simply Body Talk, a company that helps individuals and corporates become better communicators and observers.