By January 18, 2017

#InterviewerPoses Challenge

Come play this fun activity with us!

At Simply Body Talk, we make learning about body language a fun filled experience. Here is a small test of how closely you observe others’ nonverbal behaviour. The grid above has a series of pictures of the same interviewer, the very famous Barkha Dutt, in conversation with Sadhguru. We have taken the snippet only of the interviewer so that you can pay close attention to her body positioning. She openly confesses during the interview that she is a skeptic of religion, and it is evident in much of the conversation through her body language. There are however, facets to each of us when we converse. So is it in this particular interview. In the picture at the beginning of this article, you see Ms. Dutt in different poses, some more open than others. The challenge is to arrange them in order of their openness, putting the most closed position first, and the least closed position last.

How will you know what is the correct answer? Email us your answer on [email protected] and we will send across the correct answer along with the reason why. Please mention the heading of this post in the Subject Line of your email. After all, we don’t want to spoil the fun for the rest of the viewers who are also willing to take up this challenge! And don’t worry, we don’t have a policy of spamming your inbox with offers, unless you specifically subscribe for our newsletter.

So happy observing and happy answering to all of you.

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Khyati Bhatt has trained for mastery in Nonverbal Communication with retired FBI special agent Joe Navarro. She founded Simply Body Talk in 2013 to help individuals and corporates fine tune their nonverbal behavior and nonverbal communication. Khyati believes in taking a scientific approach to body language. Her experience as a wealth manager, currency trader, and family entrepreneur has helped sharpen her nonverbal instincts. She is a fervent reader and has explored the work of many psychologists and anthropologists in her field of work.

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  1. kirti says:

    Is the answer 3,2,1,4? This is fun! Yes, I want more of such activities. Subscribing right away!

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. ramnik says:


  4. Manasi says:

    2 3 4 1..

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Arti Vadi says:

    2,3,4,1 I think

  7. Karishma Kotwani says:

    2431 or it could be 2413

  8. Karishma Kotwani says:

    2413 or it could be 2431

  9. Nishita Chauhan says:

    2 4 3 1

  10. Chintan vadi says:

    4 , 2 , 3 , 1

    4 being most closed

  11. Vijayita says:


  12. RAMESH DEDWAL says:


  13. Manoj kumar says:

    Answer is 3 1 2 4

  14. Navneeta says:


  15. Ravi jagwani says:


  16. Hemant says:


  17. Fathat Kothari says:

    2 4 3 1

  18. DrAlwishKalaria says:

    2-4-3-1. And do add me to the subscribers list ASAP.

  19. Pooja V. says:

    3 2 1 4

  20. Parantap Dave says:


  21. Dhananjay says:


  22. Sanket G says:


  23. Yusufi S Bharmal says:

    4231 as i would use that language to display my intrest on the topic

  24. Bhavin says:

    1 4 3 2

  25. Bhavin says:

    2 4 3 1

    This is the revised answer 🙂

  26. Sangeeta says: