Answer to Interviewer Poses Challenge

We challenged all our viewers on 19th Jan 2017 to try and guess the correct order of openness Ms. Dutt’s body language. Here is the link in case you missed it. Finally we hit a winner on the same evening, after a HUGE response from all our well wishers. We decided to hand out an Amazon gift coupon to the winner as a token of appreciation for all those of you who participated.

Correct answer: 4,3,1,2

While interpretation is subjective and a lot depends on the context, the intention of the game is to help you understand normal circumstances under which people put on such poses. So here is the explanation of the different poses:

4: This is the most closed position. We close our bodies when we are tensed, on guard, psychologically discomforted or just in the company of strangers. In this picture you would see Ms. Dutt crossing her leg to form a barrier between her and the person she is interviewing, Sadhguru. Also, her arm is crossing over to form another barrier between her torso and Sadhguru. We form such barriers to distance ourselves from something or someone we don’t like or feel stressed with, or feel is new for us. Her lips are tense and shut tightly. Again suggesting stress.

3: What has changed in this picture is that she has removed the hand forming a barrier across her torso to cross over her crossed leg’s knee. So that removes one barrier from the earlier picture. Next, the lips are not so tight here. This shows less stress.

1: Here Ms. Dutt has actually oriented her torso to turn towards Sadhguru. Her upper body is facing Sadhguru. This shows better inclination to hear him speak. The eyebrows are knitted together and shows she still doubts what he is saying or is listening to him intently.

2: This picture is the winner of the most open position because she has uncrossed her right leg so it no longer forms a barrier between her and Sadguru. Next, notice the slight tilting of her neck. We tilt our necks when we feel comfortable listening to someone. This is a good pose to adapt if you want to show someone you are with them when they are speaking. Her arms are crossed in this picture and it can be debated that she is again forming a barrier with the crossed arms but notice that the sofa she is sitting on has no arm rests. This means there is no place to keep her hands on. A lot of us cross our hands just because it makes us comfortable, not only when we are closed off to something.

I hope you had a good time learning this. Here is one more fun game, in case you are interested: Body Language Quiz

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Happy observing!

Written by,

Khyati Bhatt