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#IAmSold Challenge Answer

We had published this challenge on all social media platforms last week i.e. on 1st Feb. Here was the question: Imagine the four pictures shown above are those of your client who is seated like this, directly opposite from you. Can you arrange the pictures in an ascending order of likelihood that the client has opened up to your pitch. After receiving an amazing response, here is our answer:


Below is the reason for this answer, but here is some food for thought – feet are the most honest part of the body since they signal one’s intention to either settle into a conversation or leave. We had designed this puzzle such those who noticed the feet differences minutely would understand the correct answer right away. What should have been a bit difficult to figure is the eye contact, since none of the four persons is looking directly at you, who would have been seated across from the picture. Of course there are other body parts which one needs to note as well. So here is the explanation:

4: This one was easy for most of you to guess as the client least open to your pitch. The reason being that her torso is facing away from you. If only her face was turned away, it could mean that she is thinking about what you said, not necessarily that she is not opened up. But the torso facing away means she is not totally involved in what you are saying. Also important to note is the way her feet are placed. They are in a position almost ready to leave anytime if required. Again a signal the client is not totally listening to you or agreeing with you.

1: This gentleman has his torso facing towards you which means he is atleast involved in the conversation. The fact that he is looking sideways could be to think about what you are saying or because he is distracted by something passing by. Difficult to pinpoint that for certain. Look at how he is seated. Back totally straight which could be because there is no backrest to lean back on. The placement of the feet indicate that he is not totally settled. Also the way his hands are placed are very similar to the knee clasp position referred to that when a person is almost ready to leave. So it could be that he is listening to you but not totally agreeing or atleast not sold enough to want to say a yes immediately.

2: Choosing between 2 and 3 might have been difficult. The lady is listening to you which you can make out by her tilted neck. The feet which are placed one above the other indicates that she is settled into the pitch that you are making. (Note: Unlike common perception, simply crossed feet is not an indication of someone closed to the conversation – you would need to notice whether the thigh becomes a barrier between themselves and you which is not the case here) What works against her being open are the hands which are placed one above the other which hides one of her hands. More significant for us is the pointing of her right foot towards the air. This can well indicate she does not really agree with you!

3: This gentleman is the most open out of all the four pictures. The same is indicated by his relaxed posture – feet spread out, hands relaxed and visible, torso straight towards you.He has not allowed the cup to become be reason to bring both his hands together in which case they would act as barriers between himself and you. What works against his being totally open is the lips not being totally relaxed at this very second when the picture is taken. There are hints of a smile but its a forced smile.

All in all, none of the pictures show the person is agreeing 100 per cent with you, which is why we asked for an order of their being open to the pitch! And this input we got only from one single respondent to the quiz.

Thank you for your wonderful observation – Hemant Bhardwaj!!!!

Congratulations to the five winners:

  • Neha Pathak
  • Hemal Shah
  • Ashish Rajvanshi
  • Mirra Agarwal
  • Umesh Saha

Till next time, happy observing 🙂


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