By February 25, 2015

Grooming for Actors

New entrants into the field of acting require a bit of polishing, be it on their personal body language front, or learning nuances to distinguish one mood or emotion from the other while acting on the stage or in front of the camera. Personalized grooming is available for all actors and aspirants, and the following are the basic guidelines of this one on one coaching service:

  1. Introduction to body language
  2. Basics of body language in daily interaction
  3. Confidence during auditions
  4. Recording personal body language
  5. Discussion of areas of improvement
  6. Understanding emotions and facial expressions
  7. Learning deliberate body language tactics like dominance, aggression, deception, attraction
  8. Voice modulation
  9. Practising deliberate tactics
  10. Practising with a holistic approach
  11. Practice for public speaking – exercises and rehearsal
  12. Interviews – basics and practice
  13. Improving command over English – basics and exercises
  14. Maintaining personal dressing style

If you require further clarification or details, you can always fix up an appointment with us to understand how this works. Email us on [email protected] or simply fill the form on ContactUs page.   *Image courtsey:

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Khyati Bhatt has trained for mastery in Nonverbal Communication with retired FBI special agent Joe Navarro. She founded Simply Body Talk in 2013 to help individuals and corporates fine tune their nonverbal behavior and nonverbal communication. Khyati believes in taking a scientific approach to body language. Her experience as a wealth manager, currency trader, and family entrepreneur has helped sharpen her nonverbal instincts. She is a fervent reader and has explored the work of many psychologists and anthropologists in her field of work.

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