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Warming up the Customer with the Correct Greeting

The first challenge for Ravi was going to be to get to meet the Sales Head. The receptionist, who is normally the “gatekeeper”, might make it difficult to meet the boss. So you need to pay attention to showing your seriousness and confidence. Ravi managed to give a genuine smile to the receptionist, greet her after reading her nameplate and then ask if a meeting would be possible with her boss. He stood in a corner, waiting patiently and smiling back at her whenever she glanced up from her work to see the people waiting in the reception area. If Ravi got busy with some other work or talked on the phone too much, he might shift out of the attention zone of the receptionist. She was finally able to adjust time out from her boss’ schedule for Ravi.

Vikram had squeezed in the meeting with Ravi into his day since ShoeShine seemed to be an upcoming brand and Vikram wanted to hear them out. He would be talking to a salesman rather than a sales head (i.e. someone of a lower status) during his first interaction with the company. Under these circumstances, Ravi was expecting Vikram to be a little hostile, atleast initially when they met.

On entering Vikram’s room, Ravi gave him a warm genuine smile, looking him in the eye and greeting with his name. A slight bow forward helped confirm him submissiveness to Vikram. Vikram offered his hand for shaking and Ravi was just waiting for this. He knew a firm handshake would help build rapport with the Sales head faster. Ravi observed was that Vikram did not offer a dominant handshake. This meant Vikram had an approachable personality. Ravi made sure his handshake was also not dominant and matched the pressure of Vikram’s handshake. Of course Ravi had remembered to wipe his hands before entering the meeting room to avoid a wet and clammy handshake. (Read more about different types of handshakes).

An open posture was going to help Ravi avoid any negative feelings from Vikram just by looking at Ravi. This meant no arms or legs in a crossed position, even and especially when Vikram was being hostile or unreceptive towards the sales pitch. Whenever he conversed, he kept open palms and straight shoulders. An open posture displays honesty, sincerity and an open attitude.Once the greetings are in place and the customer is sensing genuine friendliness from your side, he will become more accepting to your hearing out your ideas.

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