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Fiction Reads

This page is for fiction readers, and book lovers! Guess from which fictional novel the following quotes have been taken

1. Excellent Observation

“The crime happened right in front of them. They reacted the same way most people do. The froze for the first split second and then they turned and watched the guy run away, and they turned their arms in a spirited but incoherent fashion, and they shouted something that might have been Hey!

Then they set out in pursuit. Like a starting gun had gone off. They ran hard, knees pumping, coat tails flapping. Cops, _________ thought. It had to be. Because of unspoken unison. They hadn’t even glanced at each other. Who else would react like that?

2. Phone Nonverbals

Garza swallowed his anger and exhaled calmly, trying to ensure that his voice would revel nothing about his true state of mind, “I understand,” he replied evenly. “At the moment, your only concern is Ms.Vidal. The prince is waiting to see her, and I’ve assured him that you’ll have her here shortly.”

There was a long silence on the line. Too long.

Answers are here:

  1. “No middle name”- Lee Child
  2.  “Origin”- Dan Brown
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