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For Corporate Communications

14 October 2018: Times Of India : Body language consultant Khyati Bhatt shares how power posing can help relieve stress at the workplace.

June 2018: Poppulo: 10 Ways Corporates can Benefit From Nonverbal Communication

11 December 2017: IndianWomenBlog: This Body Language Consultant Tells Women How To Change Compliant Behaviour Into Leadership

General body language strategies

October2016: Wellness Portal, Franchise India: Ways in which our hair signals

June 2016: YourStory: There are times when you feel polite and don’t want to verbally say no. Read about different strategies you can use nonverbally for this.

May 2016: Entrepreneur Media: Sometimes communication can get tricky. There are lots of communication gaps which we can avoid if we can read nonverbal behavior of the counterpart

For startups and investors

March 2017: Inc42: How these nonverbal cues can make or break a startup business

April 2016: Entrepreneur Media: How can startup teams use body language tactics to impress the team of potential investors? We discuss a few ways today

Interview Skills

June 2016: PeopleMatters: Busting some of the myths interview candidates have on body language to be used for interviews. Reading a few lines on this subject the last minute cannot be your savior.

Presentation skills

August 2016 YourStory: Michelle Obama’s amazing speech at recent DNC for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Read this to know what body language strategies make for a great speech

July2014  Firstpost: Why PM Modi’s body language was all wrong at BRICS summit. We discuss how ineffective your speech can become if you miss out on crucial body language skills during your presentation or speech

For Photographers

July2014 Digital Photographer, UK: Tutorial based on our expert tips for commercial photographers to ensure models’ postures convey the correct message

For Couples

April 2016: PinkVilla: Read how to know whether a couple is getting along well by the body language they use in each others’ presence. Analysis of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s relationship

Oct 2014: PinkVilla: How can you know if a couple is progressing with their relationship? Dissection of body language of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh