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Exploring Parenthood

Using Body Language to become better parent

Workshop objectiveTo connect families using good body language strategies

Who is this session forParents and expecting parents

Why attend this session: This four hour workshop will deep dive into teaching parents about body language strategies they can use to connect better with their children, as they grow up through their lifetime. Awareness of how body signals is also required by parents to become more aware of how their kids are telling them what is going on in their heads, even when they don’t use words to communicate. Mothers become ready more instinctively than fathers to embrace parenthood, some mothers being better than others. Join us, gender no bar, to learn consciously how to understand your child’s signals and become better parents.

Topics covered:

  • Discover the broad arena of nonverbal communication and its strength in inter personal relations and parenting
  • Learn about the brain’s role in nonverbal intelligence
  • Explore ways to show emotional intelligence with your child
  • Understand your child’s body language using the perspective of our CUE CONNECT model
  • Know how stress can impact body language of children
  • Learn to read your own child’s reactions to stress
  • Learn to deal with resistance/acting out so that your child will modify their behaviour
  • Communicate to help build a strong relationship with your child
  • Listening actively so your child feels heard and safe to express when they are upset
  • Become a role model for your child
  • Being aware of your communication with spouse
  • Deepen your understanding of how to develop empathy in your family
  • Tackling social situations
  • Discussion of myths surrounding parenting body language

Date: 14th July’18

Time: 10 am to 2 pm.

Venue: Mumbai

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Meghna is the Operations Executive at Simply Body Talk. All co ordination of our online classes, website and workshops is handled by her.

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