By February 17, 2017


Now that Valentine’s Day is behind us, we need to test how well we observed couples last weekend and over this week. Look at the pictures above and try to arrive at an ascending order of intimacy observed in the above couples. That means, the least intimate first, and the most intimate last. Be sure to look at all possible signals by paying close attention, not just to what looks the most obvious. Sometimes, answers are not as easy as they might seem. Having patience is the key!!

Email us your answer on [email protected] and we will send across the correct answer along with the reason why. Please mention the heading of this post in the Subject Line of your email.

All the best!

Team Simply Body Talk

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Khyati Bhatt has trained for mastery in Nonverbal Communication with retired FBI special agent Joe Navarro. She founded Simply Body Talk in 2013 to help individuals and corporates fine tune their nonverbal behavior and nonverbal communication. Khyati believes in taking a scientific approach to body language. Her experience as a wealth manager, currency trader, and family entrepreneur has helped sharpen her nonverbal instincts. She is a fervent reader and has explored the work of many psychologists and anthropologists in her field of work.

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