By April 23, 2018

Coaching with Asif Basra

Learn how theatre technique can help you boost your confidence and make you a better person.

Interview of our coach Asif Basra conducted by our PR executive Ms Nafisa Kathanawala

Change transformation:

Basra’s unique approach to helping individuals transform has been applied in corporate training sessions by him. We now bring you the teacher in a personal session to unleash the best potential within you by helping you balance your body with your mind. Basra works with you to bring out your energies and movements by tapping into your various emotions. This two hour power packed session has no time to rest, but once you are through, you will witness breaking from the routine way of thinking, and take a fresh approach to leadership

Unleash the actor within:

The two hour power packed session taps into one’s body movements and energy so that the body is in sync with the mind. This helps to bring about transformation from within. Learn to begin every day from scratch so that you can be better leader. Leave your chairs out of the room for the session, for you won’t get to sit and rest! The highlights of sessions includes



About Asif Basra: Actor, Trainer, Coach

A person well known in theatre and cinema with unforgettable roles in Kai Po Che, Jab We Met, and outsourced, to name a few Asif Basra is a sought after trainer by corporates looking  to bring about a change with a unique methodology.

Basra works one on one with you personal session, enabling you to create a blend of energy and movement in a two hour power packed window. The theater technique is used here to help you tap in to your different roles and emotions. At the end of session, you will realize how the exercises help to bring about transformation from with in. Leave your chairs out of the room, for you won’t get to sit and rest!

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