What we do


At SimplyBodyTalk, it is our aim to help individuals and corporates improve the effectiveness of their interactions and communication messages in all walks of life. We specialize in nonverbal communication and nonverbal behavior, especially body language. All our work, material and methodologies is self designed but is based strictly on the work of scientists, psychologists and anthropologists in the field of nonverbal behaviour who have resorted to the means of scientific study of this subject.

The following is a snapshot of the variety of services we offer 


We offer a wide range of different workshops available to cater to different individuals and organizations.

Workshops for individuals

If you are an individual curious to know more about body language or learn its various applications, you can attend one of our workshops. Workshops vary from standard workshops held for groups of 15-30 and standardised workshops for a group of 5-8 participants. You can browse through the options in the Workshops menu, and or go through our Upcoming events. Alternatively, if you would like us to conduct a workshop at your premises, you can contact us. Please don’t forget to mention the course of interest to you. Or you can call us anytime to understand further. 

Corporate Training

If you are an organization, you can book us for a training workshop at your premises. You would have the option of going with one of the ready workshops or having one designed especially to cater to the daily roles and responsibilities of your employees. The training is generally conducted for sales teams, HR personnels, top managers, media managers, etc. Below are a few of the topics we offer for corporate training:

  • Basic body language awareness workshop and how it can impact professional life
  • Workshop for media persons to comprehend body language during interviews
  • Workshop for HR persons to be able to better understand employees
  • Body language impact on sales

Workshops for Educational Institutes

Educational institutes engage our services from time to time to train their students on relevant body language topics. Few of the workshops include

  • Expert lectures in colleges to explain how to project good body language during interviews
  • Consult photography colleges on how to know good poses from bad
  • Teach medical students how to understand the nonverbal behavior of their patients, which normally gives the senior doctors their intuitive edge in medical practice



We provide one on one coaching services to top managers in corporates who require special attention to their nonverbals. Other specialized coaching services are also provided to various professionals. Coaching takes time and efforts on the part of the individual willing to engage our services, since this is a multiple step process. Some of our coaching services include:

  • Consult CEOs and top management of corporates to face media
  • Coach budding actors on how to project the correct body language during different times

There are various packages for coaching. You can view the options on our Personal Offerings page.


Our consultation services are engaged by agencies and corporates who need to dig deeper into nonverbal communication and behavior from time to time. This includes advertising agencies which might need to check effectiveness of advertisements, investors who need to understand more about the team they invest in, corporates willing to explore how to team up individuals for best performance and so on. Following are a few consultation services we deploy:

  • Partner with corporates to give advice on psychology of possible employees
  • Consult advertising agencies on correct postures during ads
  • Give feedback on past negotiations / interviews


You can engage us to participate live in one on one interactions and get a feedback on the body language of the counterpart on the spot. This requires special expertise and booking needs to be done in prior for such sessions. Few of our participations include:

  • Part of the recruitment team for the hiring process
  • Participation in live negotiations