Testimonies on Open Format Workshops

Sales Connect

Attending the workshop Sales Connect by SBT was an amazing experience. Right from the onset, the SBT team lead by Ms Khyati ensured that the entire group was thoroughly involved. The examples were very relatable and observations were from our day-to-day life. I got to learn and understand the various nuances of Body Language and First impression. The activities that followed the theories were designed to polish those newly acquired skills. Overall, it is a great learning experience and highly recommend, especially for professionals in client facing role.

Shubhanshu Tiwari
Country Head
Vedanta Resources


Just realised, 17 years of hardcore sales experience, and still learning! It was refreshing to learn the non-verbal aspects of a sales experience. It’s amazing how minor actions could alter one’s sales outcomes. The Sales Connect workshop by Simply Body Talk is strongly recommended.

Sanket Gohil
Country Manager- India
Microdyn Nadir Singapore Pte Ltd


Even though I’m not into sales, still attended a workshop of Sales Connect organised by Simply Body Talk on 25th Aug’18 as I was keen to understand some nuances of body language. It was a day well spent with Ms. Khyati Bhatt and her team. The program was structured well and my real take home was importance of  first impression & breaking some myths of body language. I can tell for sure that such program will be helpful to anyone who wants to improve the way they interact.

Prabhat Ranjan
Senior Vice Precident


I attended “Sales Connect” to learn how I can improve upon my body language to build better rapport with my clients. Instead, I got to learn much more than that in non-verbal communication. The session was very well organized and insightful and the team was quite energetic and passionate. I thank Simply Body Talk for the wonderful workshop and wish to attend more such events in the future”.

Rajat Arora
Area Manager
Hindustan Zinc

An excellent overview of effective Non-Verbal Communication including Body Language. The workshop made me realize where I am wrong in the sales process and how to fix it.

Padma Sirohi
Senior Librarian/Health Planner/Financial Planner

I attended the full day workshop Sales Connect at the office of Simply Body Talk.It was a wonderful session and I got to learn how body language plays a vital role in sales. Khyati and her team are energetic and amazing. I would definitely recommend their workshops.All the best to the team for their upcoming new launch!

Jaya Panchasaramm
Business Manager
Maxiims Concept Chair


Shaping Women Leaders

Gone are days when raising voice would make your team do things. In today’s time it is important to arm oneself with tools that could manifest ideas and thoughts assertively.
Shaping Women Leaders made me familiar with non verbal gestures like movements during presentations, body postures , style of sitting, dressing style that would make the presence felt without making noise. It also taught me the importance of deep listening beyond words by observing expressions of others from head to toe.

Shuchi Rakheja


After attending the workshop Shaping Women Leaders, I am more aware of my nonverbal communication – learnt right from body language to sound powerful assertive as per situations. This will help me influence, negotiate or convince as per situation which as team leads we very much do.

Madhura Tikekar,



Sharpening Negotiation Skills

I found the session Sharpening Negotiation Skills very interesting and engaging (esp the role plays) . I would have liked to have attended a longer session on the subject, but considering the limited time, I felt the organization of how the various elements were covered was very effective. The examples shown through video clips were also very effective to help me understand the subject.

 Nikhil Sreekumar
Senior Manager – Marketing,
Godrej Appliances.

Snap Networking

Being a well read person, I understand the essence of Body Language. What Simply Body Talk taught me through the Snap Networking Workshop, is that we can use it to our advantage differently in different scenarios without changing our personality and who we really are! And that’s the amazing part!! Though there is so much more to learn from Simply Body Talk, my takeaways are about first impressions, reading counterparts’ body language, gestures, posture etc while networking with new and like-minded people, and how it impact our overall communication.

Nishat Mukaddam
Head Communications
LC Media House


I attended the session SnapNetworking with an assumption to receive a lot of theoretical knowledge with some practicals but the session turned out to be the complete opposite. It focused a lot on practical exercises, followed by instant peer reviews and introduced me to minor tweaks for major advantages in one to one interactions.

RedSky Technologies

The Snap Networking workshop was the second workshop of Simply Body Talk which I attended. It was fantastic, and I got lots of value in terms of how the smallest of nonverbals can mean so much. The takeaways are going to be immensely useful in connecting better with people. 

Parth J Dave
Maxiims Chairs


Body Language for Beginners

Khyati gave a wonderful insight into the world of non-verbal communication. I had never imagined how our body movements and postures, facial expressions convey messages as opposed to words. She beautifully crafted the session and I will highly recommend this course (Body Language for Beginners).
Founder, Designer and Director
Dimpy Bhalotia, London
Khyati Bhatt’s abundant knowledge on nonverbal behavior is truly recommendable. I loved learning from her. 
Personal Executive Coach
Non Verbal communication and Body language topics designed and delivered by Ms Khyati shifted my paradigm from verbal and vocal notions which hold a minimal role in human behaviour and have voluntary bias of manipulating the message. I learnt how the limbic brain governs our involuntary actions and thus signifies the true intentions of the communicator. I am consciously practicing her content, and applying the same in my personal and professional settings often.
Head Learning & Development Cell
Meril Academy
The day when I saw Simply Body Talk’s ad, I knew this is a must for me to try. Being a dentist, we doctors need to understand the way we show our hand gestures, the way we sit and explain our patients, the way we even look at a patient. Every small body language talks a lot for convincing the patient. Simply Body Talk did give a fantastic introduction to this, and there is much to learn from them. I wish them all the very best and want all of us to excel in our field with Simply body Talk.
Dr. Ankit Savla
Global Surrogy India
Making Impactful Presentation
A lot of things, when in right combinations, makes an Impactful Presentation. Attire to First Impressions, venue selection to right body gestures, delivery style to impactful pauses… EVERYTHING COUNTS !!! Simply Body Talk beautifully covered all the above aspects and much more in the workshop Making Impactful Presentations. Simply Impressed!
Sanket Gohil
Country Manager- India
Microdyn Nadir Singapore Pte Ltd
Thank you for the great session on “Making Impactful Presentation“. Khyati has in depth knowledge on the topic and the way she presented made it easy to understand and practical. The content and examples were very apt. Her enthusiasm was great and the team did an excellent job. Looking forward to meet again and learn more.
Vishal Shah,
Managing Director
Dolphin Group of Companies

It was indeed a pleasure to attend the workshop Making Impactful Presentations. Tips on non verbal communication discussed in the workshop were really helpful. Kudos to Khyati and team on wonderful execution of this event.

National Sales Head
Leading Finance Company

Thank you Khyati it was great to learn nonverbal communication  from your team. The content shared on making professional presentations was very useful and relevant.

Hemal Shah

Insight Eye Care Pvt Ltd


Exploring Parenthood

Exploring Parenthood was a wonderful workshop Khyati. Getting to know the nuances and subtleties in a child’s reactions which are there in front of the eyes but are often missed, and to get a better understanding about how I am giving out signals which affect my daughter’s behaviour -really, a great learning experience. Thanks so much! Kudos to you and your entire team for whatyou guys are doing. Looking forward to enrolling for more of your sessions!

  Hemant Bhardwaj
Father of a seven year old

Sharpening Negotiation Skills
I attended the workshop Sharpening Negotiation Skills conducted by Simply Body Talk. The role plays that had been devised were an excellent way to demonstrate and improve one’s behavior during negotiations.
Head, Engineering
Global engineering services company