Khyati joins a very small and selective group of graduates from my Nonverbal Communications Mastery Course with her exemplary work and a gift for teaching nonverbal communications, its significance, and utility in personal growth as well as in a corporate or business setting. It is not often that you find talent, drive, and skill all in one person – Khyati has certainly achieved that and more. What a delight it was to have her in the program and to also, for my part, learn at her feet.

Joe Navarro
Retired FBI special agent

Khyati started Simply Body Talk in 2013 because she realised that India lacks a scientific nonverbal approach to communication. She has trained for Mastery in Nonverbal Communications with retired FBI special agent, Joe Navarro who is an established expert in the subject, worldwide. Khyati is also a certified expert in reading micro and mini expressions by Paul Ekman, the scientist who has studied emotions for a major part of his life and devised programs to read people’s facial expressions. Khyati postgraduated on the Dean’s List from S P Jain Center of Management, one of the top ten international B Schools on Forbes list.

Professionally, Khyati consults individuals and corporates as a Body Language Consultant. She is also the chief trainer for corporate workshops conducted by Simply Body Talk. Khyati has been quoted in various magazines and articles, a few of them being The Week an Indian weekly magazine, Gutshot, a premium poker magazine,, a news website run by Network18 and Digital Photographer, UK. She is also a contributor for Entrepreneur media, Inc42 and YourStory.

Khyati has received national as well as international recognitions for her domain specialisation and leadership including International BIZZ Business Excellence 2018 by World Confederation of Businesses, Houston, US, and Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 by District Magistrate SW Delhi and WE family. She also received Rising Star India 2017 by WeAreTheCity powered by Barclays UK and Excellence in Business 2017 by ALL Ladies’ League. She was on the WE magazine’s top 100 women in eCommerce internationally in the year 2014.

Earlier, Khyati worked with Tata Consultancy Services in Mumbai, in the capacities of currency trader, portfolio manager and business analyst.  She also had the opportunity to take her family business from the wholesale segment in Gujarat to the retail sector in Mumbai. That experience of having interacted with people from various walks of life, right from wedding planners, educational institutes, business owners to village artisans taught her that if there is one thing that remains constant, it is the silent language that all of our bodies talk.