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16 March 2018:S P Jain School Of Global Management:Hearing from SPJ  SUPERWOMEN – Khyati Bhatt

20 January 2017: AspiringShe: Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India – Khyati Vikani Bhatt, Wonderful person with strong Self -confidence.

11 December 2017: IndianWomenBlog: This Body Language Consultant Tells Women How To Change Compliant Behaviour Into Leadership

25 July 2017 : Great Companies: Khyati Bhatt discusses her journey in her interview with Great Companies.


In this episode, Ms. Nishat Mukkadam, founder & CEO of Wedlista, talks to Ms. Khyati Bhatt, Founder & CEO of Simply Body Talk, a company that helps individuals and corporates become better communicators and observers.


Khyati Bhatt, CEO of Simply Body Talk, receiving Rising India 2017 award from WeAreTheCity powered by Barclays


Khyati Bhatt, CEO of Simply Body Talk, receiving Excellence in Business 2017 award from ALL Ladies’ League