On subject expertise

Khyati joins a very small and selective group of graduates from my Nonverbal Communications Mastery Course with her exemplary work and a gift for teaching nonverbal communications, its significance, and utility in personal growth as well as in a corporate or business setting. It is not often that you find talent, drive, and skill all in one person – Khyati has certainly achieved that and more. What a delight it was to have her in the program and to also, for my part, learn at her feet.

Joe Navarro
Retired FBI special agent


Khyati Bhatt’s abundant knowledge on non verbal behaviour is truly commendable. I loved learning from her.

Khyati Birla
Personal Executive Coach

On our consultancy assignments

We associated with Khyati to develop content for a Soft Skills Training Video to be anchored by Harsha Bhogle (famous cricket commentator). By painstakingly crafting elaborate Interview, Business Pitch and Team Meeting situations, Khyati created the foundation of our Training Video covering insights and skills on verbal and non-verbal communication. Her patience, enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile helped us chisel out extremely informative, entertaining and engaging content.

Ashish Biswas
Imagos Films
On our coaching sessions

Khyati’s passion on the subject is remarkable and so is her drive to work with individuals till one gets the fundamentals right. It has been a pleasure taking inputs from her on nonverbal strategies to use during business meetings and negotiations. My work requires of me to constantly travel across the globe. I have been able to focus on my first impressions better, and learn to understand my counterparts at a level deeper than mere first impressions.

Parashar Kacha
Business Head
Dura Color 

My changing role in my organization over the years has demanded that I not only be a technical expert in my field but also learn to handle my team well. Khyati is not only a good friend and mentor on how I should evolve my team better, she has also helped me shape my communication style so that I gain a good impact in the business environment.

Nirav Faldu
Technical Manager
Ubisoft Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

On our personal learning sessions

I heard Khyati in one of our ALL meet. Immediately I decided that I needed to learn this. I personally am a very observing person, so learning nonverbal communication increased my observation power and also understanding  the back of the mind thought of the person opposite me. Ideally in bridal wear, my clients have lots of verbal communication with me but after doing this course I started paying more attention to what they are not saying. It helped me a lot. I am very happy with what I have started learning from Khyati.

Jagruti Vikam
Fashion Designer

To start with, initially when mom told me about body language learning, I was not too keen on spending money for learning something like this. However, after completing each session one after other I developed a lot of interest gradually. And, learning non-verbal communication is definitely now helping me in my day to day life, not just professionally but personally too. I have started paying more attention towards people around me and try to practically apply all that I have learnt from Khyati.

Shraddha Vikam Poladia
Financial Planner

Thank You Khyati , for the wonderful sessions on nonverbal communication. I had a great time learning, observing and listening to the lecture and audio visual slides. They were so informative because of your inputs. I can now understand and observe myself as well as other’s state of mind, intentions and gestures. It’s helping me grow and is going to help me in my business deals a long way.

Trupti Puranik
CEO and Head Interior Designer
Studio Elements

On quality of content of our sessions

Non Verbal communication and Body language topics designed and delivered by Ms Khyati shifted my paradigm from verbal and vocal notions which hold a minimal role in human behaviour and have voluntary bias of manipulating the message. I learnt how the limbic brain governs our involuntary actions and thus signifies the true intentions of the communicator. I am consciously practicing her content, and applying the same in my personal and professional settings often.
Vivek Sharma
Head Learning & Development Cell
Meril Academy
Khyati gave a wonderful insight into the world of non-verbal communication. I had never imagined how our body movements and postures, facial expressions convey messages as opposed to words. She beautifully crafted the session and I will highly recommend this course (Body Language for Beginners).
Dimply Bhalotia
Founder, Designer and Director
Dimpy Bhalotia, London


It was an interesting session (Getting Pitch Ready) conducted by Khyati on body language which many ignore at important meetings.  Khyati demonstrated her expertise on the subject and everyone will benefit from her sessions.  Best wishes to Khyati and her team in their endeavours.

Sridhar Ramachandran
Dharsha Advisors – Investment Banker

I attended the session with an assumption to receive a lot of theoretical knowledge with some practicals but the session turned out to be the complete opposite. It focused a lot on practical exercises, followed by instant peer reviews and introduced me to minor tweaks for major advantages in one to one interactions.

RedSky Technologies

SNAP Networking was indeed an interesting session to get clues and figure out how the presentation right from our appearance to our body movements in terms of eye contact, handshake and smile creates an impression in a person’s mind when we meet them for the first time and thereafter. The analysis of the Elevator Pitch mentioning the confusion in terms of content to be shared and the same received by the audience was another insight. We are working on it to fine tune from one interaction to another. Thanks to Simply Body Talk team for organising such interesting session.

Vineet Nandan Gupta
Head – Partnerships & Community, MTW Labs
Co-Founder at Grassrootlive.com

Being a well read person, I understand the essence of Body Language. What Simply Body Talk taught me through the Snap Networking Workshop, is that we can use it to our advantage differently in different scenarios without changing our personality and who we really are! And that’s the amazing part!! Though there is so much more to learn from Simply Body Talk, my takeaways are about first impressions, reading counterparts’ body language, gestures, posture etc while networking with new and like-minded people, and how it impact our overall communication.

Nishat Mukaddam
Head Communications
LC Media House

On diversity of our different sessions

I have attended two workshops with Khyati at SimplyBodyTalk. The sessions were very hands on and practical, nicely collated. There has been a lot of research and detailing gone into composing these sessions. The use of video case studies made it easier for us to understand the nuances of body language.

Ridhesh Sejpal
Film Maker
GoodFellas Studio

On our products

I had ordered a pack of Cue Connect cards, and after going through the easy to use, short and sweet tips, I believed they would be a value addition for my clients and thus I reordered. The tips are really easy to follow and can be used in day to day communication with clients, as well as friends and relatives.

                                                                                                                                           Jitu Dhabaria
Personal Wealth Manager
Balaji WealthCare

On experience of hosting us

Simply Body Talk has always supported us with various amazing workshops at 91SpringBoard, helping our members with personal as well as professional growth. Thanks to Khyati for sharing her knowledge and making our learning experiences wonderful and interactive. Good luck Simply Body Talk!

Anshul Bansal
Community Manager,

The workshop conducted by Simplybody Talk in our campus was beneficial for the students. Most of the seminars and workshops focus on how to handle the interview, how to dress in an interview and how to prepare a resume. But none of these seminars have touched upon the concept of the body language at the time of the interview. This was the niche point or you can say USP of Simply Body Talk workshop. Students have learnt various aspects of the body language. We hope to conduct many more training sessions in future in association with Simply Body Talk.
Prof. Prathmesh U Tawade
Placement Coordinator
S K Somaiya College 


Khyati conducted an extremely well-received talk on the subject she is amply knowledgable of. The talk was titled “Beyond First Impressions: A leaf from the book of Fashionistas” and not only was it informative and educational, but also engaging and fun. I was suspect of what one could learn on the topic that’s not available online, but after witnessing her content and delivery, I believe there is tremendous value in listening to her talk on the subject of body language.

Sharmil Shah

On our articles of observation

On experience of working with us

Simply Body Talk is a one-of-a-kind firm which realises the importance of non-verbal communication; something which plays an important role in our lives but is ignored so easily. It has a collaborative work environment where a casual conversation over lunch can give you a lot of useful insights which you see everyday but don’t really notice. Ms. Khyati Bhatt is a very knowledgeable and a friendly person who makes everyone feel comfortable because of the aura possessed by her. Overall, Simply Body Talk is an organisation which has a lot to offer and has benefited me a lot, in terms of knowledge and experience, during my brief stint.

Sahil Bagwe,
Intern, Simply Body Talk

On audience engagement over social media

The lucid style of Simply Body Talk helps each of us to assimilate what our body signals consciously or unconsciously. That makes it truly “Simply Body Talk”.  Cheers to the team and Khyati for their regular updates. I felt honoured to be the winner of the second online challenge. Best wishes!

Kalpesh Koradia
Assistant Director
Vadilal Sarabhai General Hospital, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

Thank you very much, Simply Body Talk for the surprise gift! Missed an opportunity during the second quiz, but after reading the detailed analysis of the quiz, I found the topic and feedback provided by you quite interesting and challenging. I was thrilled when I could crack the third quiz. Keep up this unique work and all the best for future endeavours!

Vishal Sanghvi
Deputy General Manager – Economic, Planning and Scheduling,
Essar Oil Ltd.

On our free content

Hi Khyati downloaded (the free Ebook) and read all the tips at once. One of the few free ebooks I have downloaded and read fully. Lots of Value. Thanks.

Sachin Mahajan
Business Coach

I find the weekly tips useful. I am a doctor by profession and certain minor observations helps me judge the thoughts of the patient. Also makes a difference to the way I project myself to them. Keep up the good work Simply Body Talk team!

Dr. Chintan Vadi
Orthoplus Hospital